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ASU Campus and Dorm Tour

As promised, here is a video of a tour of ASU's Tempe campus and the Herberger Residential Community dorms. ASU has a huge campus, and at first it can be a bit daunting but after a few weeks, it starts to feel like home away from home. My tour of the dorms is a bit short so here I've listed some important things that I forgot to mention in the video.

1. Arcadia has community bathrooms! This means that unlike all the other communities at ASU, these dorms don't have bathrooms in the rooms for you and your roommate to share, but it has 2 bathrooms for the floor to share, separated by gender. They have multiple shower stalls and toilet stalls with about 3 sinks. It's not as bad as it sounds and it allows you to build the community on your floor.

2. Herberger Residential Community means exactly that. (Mostly) Everyone in these dorms are Herberger students which makes the entire community a heavily art based community. There are several art related events happening every month, and there are also amenities that anchor to Herberger majors, such as the music practice rooms, dance rooms, and computer labs with all the design, film, music software.

3. Every community has Community Assistants (CA's), which in other universities are often called Residential Assistants (RA's). They're job in a nut shell is to make sure residents are safe, comfortable, and living in an environment for them to be successful in all aspects. Center/Arcadia also has Student Academic Mentors (SAM's) (which I was) whose main job is to help residents succeed academically.

4. Dining Halls! Lastly, I would like to mention dining halls. The closest one to Arcadia is Pitchforks Dining Hall, which is located in the Memorial Union. This dining hall is a bit upsetting because the quality and quantity of food is always lacking. My favorite dining hall is a bit farther but much better: Hassyampa Dining Hall at Hassyamapa Residential Community. Another dining option I love is Devils Diner, located at PV Main.

Hope this helps!

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