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ASU Feature Film Internship

The ASU Feature Film Internship was a blast and I feel like I gained so much from it. If you're debating on doing it, yes it cost money to enroll in the class and yes it takes up part of your summer, but it's a huge opportunity to work on a feature film while you're still in school!

There was a huge difference from this internship (2015) vs. the first film internship (2013). The biggest difference was the budget and when dealing with larger budget's, dynamics on set tend to me different as well. Car Dogs has about a 1M budget, and there was LA professionals working as the department heads and as the intern, you were not allowed to step outside of your department at all. In Postmarked, the budget was no where near 1M, but it was about 40K. The department heads were local professionals and the strictness of staying in your department wasn't as intense because often times we needed people from one department to help another.

Regardless of the dynamic, you will still learn a lot more than sitting in a classroom would teach you!

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