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Capstone Screening & Herberger Graduation

Well this is it! This is the last video about my undergrad career at ASU. I put both capstone screenings and Herberger graduation in this one video since what I ended up filming was a bit short for both of them.

Capstone screening is one of the most anticipated nights as a Film and Media Productions student because your senior film is "hopefully" showcased with your fellow classmate films. Awards are presented, speeches are given, everyone dresses up all nice and your family and friends are there to see your films.

I'm very honored to have been given the Producer Award and to have been able to grow at the altitude I did with my entire FMP class. It's been one heck of a year and 3 glorious years in the film program with them.

Now we're off to the world to prove we've got what it takes! :)

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