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Richmond International Film Festival 2017

Check out my vlog here:

My documentary, "The Man Behind the Suit" screened at our first film festival at Richmond and I and the director, Victor Vargas, were able to go check it out.

We flew from Phoenix at 5am and got to Richmond at about 2pm on the second to last day of the festival.

We got to see some films on Saturday at all three theaters: The Byrd, Bowtie, Criterion. Pictured below is the Byrd Theater in Downtown. We also got to "mingle" at the wrap party at the end of the night. I'm not one to mingle, so we left a little early to get some Vegan Vietnamese food.

The film festival was great and I'm glad we were able to attend. It definitely served as a lesson of preparation. Most notably, not giving the film festival the wrong copy of the film! Fortunately the theater wasn't sold out, or that would have been 10x more embarrassing. But then again, that sucks. If we could have flown in earlier and really amped up the screening and passed out postcards, there could have been more people in attendance. I also feel like a huge deal breaker is the early time and the back-to-back documentary screening. Documentaries are great, but seeing two back-to-back can really drain an audience.

One thing for sure is Virginia has a lot to offer in terms of history. Before taking off on Monday, we stopped by the Belle Isle.

We're looking forward to our next screening at the Phoenix Film Festival. I've been to this festival a few times and it's AMAZING! It's conveniently all in one theater and have events in a near by location that is always in walking distance. The films are always great and the volunteers are super helpful.

Check out the times for the Phoenix Film Festival screenings here!

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