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ASU Film Capstone Casting Auditions

This was our first weekend doing auditions for capstones. If you don't know, capstones are the big senior projects that you spend a year working on in the Film and Media Productions major at ASU. Other majors have their own versions of capstones as well. This video is a bit short and random but hopefully gives you an idea of what happened.

This is what worked for me:

1. Be descriptive in the character breakdowns, include age range. 2. Reserving a room ahead of time. 3. Scheduling appointments instead of a cattle call, makes things more organized. 4. Film the auditions for review. 5. Having a form for basic contact info, scheduling conflicts, and other info. 6. Have water, and if it's a long day, also food. 7. Put up signs to guide people to the audition space.

This is what I now know to fix/do different:

1. Remind actors to bring their headshot and resume. 2. Remind actors to prepare a monologue... 3. Charge all your batteries for the camera! :)

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