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How to be a part of your film community

Hey there! In this video I discuss a few ways to improve the way you network. I've always been pretty bad at networking and mingling. Small talk has never been my strong suit but I've learned to be better at it by throwing myself in situations where it is necessary for me to make connections. If you're not that great either, practice makes perfect!

As shown in this video, I've attended a number of film events. Since I'm pretty brief about them, I wanted to take a moment and discuss them here.

Short shorts is a super indie film festival in Phoenix, held at the Stinkweeds Records parking lot. It is seriously in a parking lot! People bring blankets, lawn chairs, and someone even brought a couch. After musical performances from local artists, local shorts, trailers, and music videos are shown. I really enjoyed this experience because it's super laid back and very easy to interact with people.

FilmStock social at Film Bar was the complete opposite atmosphere. Of course, it wasn't a film festival, so the main point to coming is to interact with filmmakers and network. When I got there, it was super crowded and loud. I had to seek lonesome people to talk to but there were very few and far in between. Here is where I received a number of business cards and was often mistaken as an actress.

Monthly Movie Night at SoZo coffee was again, the complete opposite as the last. SoZo coffee is a nice chill coffee shop in Chandler, AZ. ASU student filmmakers, Brainhouse Productions, have monthly "movie nights" where they show local shorts and have Q&A's with the filmmakers. I personally enjoy a coffee over a beer anytime. Take a look at this graphic I created to simplify how to get involved!

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