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ASU Film Festival

My last AFA Film Festival as a student! It was awesome to have this festival be in such a huge theatre and to see Victor win the audience choice award. If you're interested in seeing the film he won the award for, the link is right here to see Scripted. I also did a separate video on Campus Movie Fest, which is what this film was made for.

Unfortunately, I can't take any credit for this. Victor made this film pretty much all on his own, with the help of the three actors and our friend Chris, who drove the car during the running scene. And yes, Daniel did run through crowds of people, who started yelling at him.

I was busy working on a play, Brooklyn Bridge, during Campus Movie Fest and wasn't able to help out. But Victor did an amazing job as you can tell from the film and his awards. He's definitely not the kind of person who loves being in front of the camera as you can see, but don't mind him :)

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