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Sponsoring the PHX Digital Summit

This was a huge milestone for me and my business. For a little under a year, we’ve been working on building our company up, by taking on different jobs and working with as man referrals as we could. Our business stretched from filming proms and dances to making software demonstrations with motion graphics and we would take any client that came our way. But referrals can only take you so far, and eventually you need to grow your business on your own and meet new, fresh clients. We’ve tried Facebook targeting and while it helped engagement, we were never able to target the right crowd to lead to conversions. With a service like video, it’s difficult to narrow your targeting to the right group when almost everyone needs video services but may not know who to trust. And let’s be real, if you get an ad for a company that you’ve never heard of and doesn’t have too much clout to back them up, you’re probably not going to trust them right away. So we decided to turn to face to face marketing to earn their trust. This is why we decided to sponsor an event like the PHX Digital Summit. The Bear’s Den had never done anything like this before, like I said we were really young as a company. So all of this pre-show planning to post-show follow up was so new to us. But I feel like even as newbies, we did a pretty good job at our first conference (with the guidance of others). I’ve talked about The Bear’a Den a few times before on here and will definitely write about it more in the future when more milestones come our way! In fact, a short film that we produced under The Bear’s Den is premiering at The Phoenix Film Festival this April! This film was so fun to make and I’m so excited for people to watch it and see a behind the scenes look at the making of it soon! Learn more about our company here.

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