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About My Interview At Marvel Studios

I was a bit nervous posting a video about my interview with Marvel because I feared I'd have to make another video letting my audience know I won't be working with Marvel. Obviously, that reality is still very true but I figured that that's the point of this channel and I should be transparent with you.

From posting this, it'll almost be a month and a week since my interview with Marvel in California, and I still haven't heard back on whether I got the job or not. My fingers are crossed that I'll get a call next week with some good news!

Besides Marvel, like I mentioned in the last bit of my video, I am working for a small production company in Tempe, AZ called Cinemasters Independent Productions. I'm the assistant producer for the company, and a lot of what I've been doing is reaching out to a large array of "celebrities" for endorsement opportunities. Along with that, I'm currently enrolled to start my Master's Degree in Business Management at ASU in the Fall. This program only lasts 1 year, which is perfect for me.

So if Marvel doesn't happen, I got that going for me :)

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