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What I Discovered in New York

Last month, we went to the Tribeca Film Festival in New York. We talked about going to so many different film festivals and at last settled in one of the cities we've dreamed about living in. We went for the festival, for vacation, and also to rediscover the city we only visited once before for a short time. We went to the Brooklyn Bridge, Empire State Building, Times Square, The Highline, Manhattan, Central Park, rode a ton of subways to get to these places! This time, in one week, I learned something about myself that I didn't expect 🗽❤️

Video Transcript:

Victor and I had been talking about going to a film festival to experience it as audience members and also have a reason to go on vacation. We talked about maybe going to Toronto, maybe south by southwest… We went for Tribeca.

This was our second time exploring New York. The first time we were here, we were filming part of our documentary a few years ago and were only there for 2 days. This time we explored New York for a week with our friend, Khaled, Egypts finest export.

The Tribeca film festival took place in April and we caught about 4 days of it, and in between films we saw some of the city. Unfortunately I didn’t really vlog while I was there, thus story time voiceover.

For the longest time I dreamed about moving to NY one day to pursue film, live in a creative city, probably one of the world’s most portrayed city in film, but something about this trip showed me that despite what I thought I knew about New York, I didn’t belong.

Don’t get me wrong, New York is fast, artsy, super vegan friendly, and infinitely interesting. New York is a wonderful place full of possibilities, and while many people go there to pursue their passion, this wasn’t the path for me, at least not now in my life.

But despite that, going to New York made one thing certain: endless possibilities. There’s like millions of people walking down the same street you are, living millions of different lives, pursuing millions of different dreams. Looking out into New York from the Empire State Building made it clear that anything is possible and while I already knew that, it was a visual representation of it. It felt like the world was sitting right in front of me and my path never looked so clear.

I’d like to return to New York and one day show one of my own films at Tribeca, and join filmmakers like these who’ve created amazing work in other parts of the world. Until then, the journey continues back in Arizona.

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