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Moving to California for Film and TV

The title of my blog is My Road to Hollywood, so obviously my goal was to one day move from Arizona to California. Some months ago, we started documenting our journey moving to California, beginning with figuring out what we needed in a new home, what advice we could get from friends who've already done it, where we wanted to move to, to finally moving!

We jokingly called it Hollywood House Hunters and I made a YouTube playlist for it. In order, here are the videos we created documenting our "house hunting." I hope you enjoy!

Episode 1: We're Planning on Moving to LA- What Do We Need and Want?

Episode 2: What You Need To Know Before You Move To LA For Film

Episode 3: Where in LA Should We Live?

Episode 4: We Visited Universal

Episode 2: We Moved To Burbank, California!

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