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5 Things Every Production Assistant Should Have

Updated: Jun 21, 2019

If you are starting out in the film and television industry, there's a good chance you'll be hired as a Production Assistant before moving up the totem pole. If you have no idea what a Production Assistant or PA is, check out this video here to learn more about the position and what to expect.

There are a handful of things you are going to want to have on you when you're on set as a Production Assistant to not only make sure you're up to the task, but prove you are a stellar hire!

Here are 5 things every Production Assistant should have with them on set:

I've met several PA's that have other things on them like scotch tape, gaff tape, mini clamps, multi-colored pens, etc. Depending on the type of shoot you're going to, certain things may be more important to have than others, but in my experience these 5 always come in handy.

Check out my full video and explanation here! And don't forget to subscribe for more videos on filmmaking in LA.

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