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How to Work in Animation with Co-Director of Academy Award-Winning Animated Short, Hair Love

It's difficult breaking into the film and TV industry, and sometimes it feels like there's not enough advice about specific departments. As part of my channels mission to spread helpful information and advice on the industry, I'm diving into a new series where I interview successful professionals and deep dive into their specific departments. This new series is called Walkie Check!

In the fourth episode of Walkie Check, I had the pleasure of talking to Everett Downing Jr., a professional animator, feature film story artist, and director. We discuss his earlier work on Ice Age, his progression into animation, directing the Academy Award Winner for Best Animation Short Film, Hair Love, Netlflix, and answer questions about how to start a career in animation. He gives advice on standing out, reels, portfolios, making your own short films, dealing with Imposter Syndrome, and so much more.

In the previous episode, I interviewed Christine Ng, a cinematographer, and camera operator. Check it out if you haven't already!

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