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What an $1,800 Apartment Looks like in Burbank, CA

We recently moved to our 2nd place in California since moving over a year ago!

The first time around, I made a few videos all about our plans to move to LA and what it was like to move to Burbank.

We even interviewed our friends and found out some really useful information about living in Los Angeles and what to expect!

Since we were living in Arizona and trying to jam a lot of apartment viewings into one weekend, it was really difficult for us to find apartments we liked and found affordable. It was especially hard because we would email and call so many different apartments and would only hear back from a few.

We probably saw a total of 5 apartments when we were visiting that weekend, and of the 5, we fell in love with our current place and decided to make the move there.

The studio apartment is about 300-ish square feet including-

  • Decent living room space

  • Decent kitchen with a full-size refrigerator, gas stove, and dishwasher, but no drawers

  • The “bedroom” area is awkwardly shaped

  • The closet is not nearly big enough

  • The bathroom has a tiny little shower and has another closet space but the shape of it is not optimal for storage because of the diagonal wall

  • Hard-wood laminate flooring

  • It comes with 1 covered parking space

  • Gated

  • There is a small gym on-site

  • Laundry machines on-site

  • Management is nice and responsive

  • Allows Pets

We usually pay around $1,800 for rent and utilities, and dog rent.

Here's a quick apartment tour of our studio apartment in Burbank!

I hope this has been helpful to give you an idea of what to expect in Burbank and all around Los Angeles, for about $1,800. We've moved to a more spacious and "grown-up" place (as our friends have put it), and I'm excited to show that to you in another blog and video.

See ya next time!

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Great article, Charles. Thanks for it.

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